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Mangrove Channels Sunset Tour

Quick Details

Kayak Approx. $55 USD • Ages 10+
Stand Up Paddleboard Approx. $55 USD • Ages 10+

Paddle the mangroves under a starry sky

Paddling in a kayak or SUP through the mangrove channels started out as my hobby. Exploring the amazing landscapes, watching nature up close made me try to show it to other people, always respecting the flora and fauna. The close encounters with nature have always captivated me and I love to share this experience with others.

  • Paddle through the mangrove channels where the landscapes and the wildlife are the main attractions.
  • Enjoy the birdwatching (flamingos*, ospreys, ibis, herons, egrets, and much more).
  • The first part is a 1km trip close to the sandbar, then you’ll go to the entrance (Rio Kuka) to start a 6km circuit into the heart of the mangroves channels.
  • In the middle of the circuit, there’s a break for hydration.
  • Getting out of the channels, we’ll appreciate one of the magnificent Holbox sunsets.
  • The USD price is approximate, the checkout will be in MXN pesos.

The pink flamingos normally visit the island during the summer-winter time.